Should I remove the untribute command as one of the lamest things I've done?

1 Yes; it was lame 1
2 Yes; but you've done lamer 3
3 No; it's cheap and dirty, I like it 6
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Koldarg Post Reply
I say get rid of Untribbing all together. If you start a clan, you better /really/ want that clan, and not just a different altar. If you don't really want to work at maintaining a clan hold, join another clan. There are enough clans that are accepting in the game right now.

Dramikar Post Reply

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Anyway, I think untrib'ing, while being a source of abuse, allows players to clean up after themselves. Suggestions: put a heavier tax on untributes. To keep people from founding and then removing everything but 1 coin, add a check to see if it falls below 5mill (or some other arbitrary number). If does go below #mill due to untrib, then the clan is removed along with the 5mill. Another thing on a side note, how about cleaning the pits if a clan is brought down/removed?

xeno Post Reply
Untribute would be more acceptible if you got back only 50% of the requested amount. This makes is possible but discourages it from being abused.

Sabriel Post Reply
I actually think untribing while being attacked is rather lame because if you can't fend 'em off, you should have to suffer. On the other hand, I'm a lazy little player and I'd like to be able to untrib to get rid of a clan I no longer want as opposed to having to outcast everyone, blah blah. However, I can't think of any way to control that bit with the 1 mil clan to kill other clans and such, so I think it's probably best to ditch it. Hell, it might get rid of some lazy warlords...ahem...

Drey Post Reply
The untribute command has led to the horribly cheap tactic of making a 1 million clan in order to do double tribute losses to some clan you're attacking. It's why I contemplate removing it.

Rheon Post Reply
Also, if your clan is under attack by a person or group of people you can't fend off, the warlord should be allowed to untrib everything and abandon it. At least then all the work and goldrunning of everyone wouldn't go to waste.

Mistwalker Post Reply
Untributing is really no difference than logging a low level getting invited to a clan and getting enough cash to buy loads of badges, leaving the saccing them. Just don't make people a Warlord besides yourself and you won't have to worry.