Currently it costs 1 million to found a clan. Should these costs be higher?

UPDATE: Based on votes, set at 5 million.

1 Yes; original 5 million was good 7
2 Yes; more then 1, less then 5 1
3 Yes; 5 million is getting off too cheap too 4
4 No; it should be easy 2
Votes cast: 14

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Carla Post Reply
Minimum of 10. Why? Takes at least a little time to run 10 million at lower levels. Helps with defenses. (See other posting on founding clan)

Vyalah Post Reply
i think the min gold required to found a clan should be around 10 million. gives a good start, but still not enough so the members can be lazy and expect to survive. they will have to get out there and run gold like a MF before someone attempts to take them down.

1 million is too easy to come by. 10 million feels more like they have earned the right to start a clan.


Dramikar Post Reply
5 mill was good but Mistwalker brings up a good point as does Drey in response to Rheon. 5 mill should be a minimum but I wouldn't mind seeing it upped a bit myself for reasons already stated.

Rheon Post Reply
Yeah, I guess that sounds about right.

But then again, doesn't it all depend on how well-liked the caln is? You could start a clan with just 1 mil and have it survive for quite a while if no one attacks, and eventually beocme quite a strong clan.

      Drey Post Reply
      The point is to prevent 1 million clans. Those clans are either people who haven't really thought the clan stuff out (and their clan will soon be gone because it was founded so cheaply) or they're doing it to have a temporary clan to attack another clan from -- tribute losses are doubled if you're clanned.

Mistwalker Post Reply
Clans need about 20 mill or more now to be effective at surviving. So maybe it should be 20 mill to found. They could have a better chance at surviving.