Should it be required that you be some minimum level before being able to found a clan?

UPDATE: Setting it at 45 based on comments and votes.

1 Yes; 50 or higher 4
2 Yes; a Legend 2
3 Yes; but lower then 50 6
4 No 2
Votes cast: 14

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Carla Post Reply
Not quite sure what level I was at time of start but I know I wanted to start a clan. I gave up much in the way of HP so I could run enough gold to effectively start one. I don't think the level matters as long as you have the gold to support it properly. Besides level does't matter, if someone decieds they don't like you, a member, or the clan in general it seems they are just going to take it out. Not that I agree with this. Prehaps we should institute a policy that a clan can only be destroyed if the Warlord(s) dibands it or it has been brougt to zero gold and has less than say 5 Million for more than 5 days after reaching zero. Doing a check that if at zero and at least one million has been entered in that time period it resets the count. This way if someone really wants a clan dead they have to work at it. And if the warlord(s) really want the clan to survive they have to work at keeping it a live. Sorry I think I included all the polls in this one.

Dramikar Post Reply
One thing I've seen throught all these polls and their comments is that people seem to be looking for a one time fix. To make a change to get rid of 'tards will be virtually impossible within the same rough structure. But, if you combine the efforts of some players comments, you can (imo) start making good strides to achieving that mark.

Vyalah Post Reply
i think that it is in the best interest of the clan, founder, and members if new clans can only be founded by players that have reached level 50 or higher.

to me, it makes no sense to start a clan unless you are familiar with basic game mechanics. don't get me wrong, you will continue to learn about the game even after you have passed level 50, legend, and beyond. i've noticed, however, that we have clans being founded by players that don't even know simple game rules, commands, eq, etc.

add to that the fact that they have not had time (generally) to obtain enough gold to form a strong clan that even stands a chance against agressive players.

my two cents BLING BLING


Koldarg Post Reply
I suggest level 50 for the minimum for a clan. 45 seems too low and like bobitt said, they would be able to be attacked by legends (quite an unfair fight). Of course, i also think clan eq levels should be raised, but that would be a different poll ;).

Dramikar Post Reply
I think that a level would somewhat be restrictive. On the otherhand, that might weed out some of the more ... slower clans. Also, that might lessen the pkt difference. 45 sounds like a nice number.

Bobitt Post Reply
I think that if your pk tolerance is 10 when you're in a clan and you are say lvl 45 and you'd be able to be attacked by legends then lvl 45 should be the lvl for when you can found a clan.