Is it time for us to host another chat about Cabal?

1 Yes 10
2 No 1
Votes cast: 11

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Kheldar Post Reply
Any particular preferences for when we do it? This weekend is off limits, but what's better? Weekends? Weeknights? Particular days?

      Kheldar Post Reply
      I've heard one vote for weeknights from Koldarg. Anyone else?

            Aidan Post Reply
            Meh, whenever is good...if it's a weeknight make sure it's not a tuesday...just cause :P

Sabriel Post Reply
Chat=good...then I could stop being such an ignorant fool about this whole thing. I feel like such a n00b. O.o

Dramikar Post Reply
Yeah, it sounds like you guys have been doing a lot lately and most of that has changed since the last chat. The webpage is nothing but a teaser ;).

Aidan Post Reply