This is easy; who do you say is the best area builder we have?

1 Ming 0
2 Kheldar 1
3 Drey 6
4 Serivik 1
5 Quessumae 3
6 Firich 2
7 Bela 1
8 Those stock areas rock! 1
Votes cast: 15

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Tek Post Reply
Im a bitter bitter little man.

Mistwalker Post Reply
At first I voted Quess. Because I really liked her areas. Then I thought about it harder and had to go for Drey. The clanholds rock. I still have fun to this day running around the Old Caves area blind and sometimes cursed if I get lucky with the wheel.

      Drey Post Reply
      Me, I never count the clan areas at all when I'm looking at how many areas we have and how many are stock. They're necessary to clan activities but they're not necessary to anything else (and let's face it, you can't level or get good equipment in a clan hold).

            Sabriel Post Reply
            You could level in a clanhold if you wanted. Just let a guard it and chase it around a bit. Granted, you'll probably die, but it's still /possible/. :P

Caliban Post Reply
I have to say, Overall Drey's areas are all unique, Thoughtful and intersting. Putting leveling areas aside (Dtower/Dpit/Bast), Theyre execlent overall.

      Drey Post Reply
      Dude ... Forest Bandit's sucks and the only thing Trog's have going for them is a lot of elevation changes to screw with your mind and some equipment just a bit more uber then all the other equipment of the same level in the game. The only areas I've been happy with are the rats beneath the temple and the first level of the new sewers I'm putting in.

            Sabriel Post Reply
            Drey, that's cheating. You can't try to sway the masses, even if it /is/ away from you. If we want to say you rock, we're going to, so meh! *sticks her tongue out at Drey*

Aidan Post Reply
What about Bela? Bela gave us such great leveling places as Dark Tower, Barasttr, and Devils Pit. Personally I thought those areas rock. Hence why my Stray Vote goes to Bela.

            Aidan Post Reply

      Drey Post Reply
      Bela has been added to the poll, mea culpa.