Should the Imms block the use of chat, pk, spew, tell, etc. in safe rooms again? Clantalk and say would be allowed still; global communication lines that can go to your enemies would be blocked.

1 Yes 12
2 No 7
Votes cast: 19

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Drey Post Reply
Final result: despite the concensus to stop it, going to leave it in for now still.

Moder Post Reply
I would like to see it as an option to turn on or off. I get really frusturated when I am trying to look in the pit and everytime I try to continue the list there is all kinds of spamming on chat and whatever. I like the idea of players only being able to trash talk in non-safe rooms, maybe they will get their butt kicked and learn to stop talking so much. Like you guys have said before, if there are people on UD channels are going to get abused. But if the gobal channels are restricted does that mean that "tell" is restriced too?

Thri Post Reply
Ok, Being the reason we could not talk in safe (Yes, i was the reason that was changed) No, you should not be able to use Global channels that everyone has access to on chat.
However, i do belive channels like
Ones that not everyone has access to, should be able to be used in Safe. However, Legend could also be abused like this, so that one is iffy.


Orta Post Reply
I think that you should only block trashtalk in saferooms on the channels that are published on the page.

      singko Post Reply
      I agree with Orta

Gamma Post Reply
Yes, I think most of the global channels should be blocked when in safe rooms. The trash talking will still go on if the safe room is easily accessible, the Priestess in Karandras for example. The difference is that the trash talk will not annoy the players who choose to stand aside from the conflicts. Personally I think Tells should still be
allowed since it is between two parties. I wouldn't mind seeing the others one muted though.

Raikuma Post Reply
In honest opinion, I don't think that it should be banned. If it is, tell, say, and clantalk would be the only ones that should be. If someone is trash talking in the safe house, then I think they should be muted or temp banned until they learn that is stupid and pointless to do.

Sabriel Post Reply
I think it would be better to just block those players who say things that are offensive. I know that many many legends sit in safe rooms, idle and talk a bit, and without chat in saferooms that wouldn't be possible. Which I suppose isn't a problem for clannies, but I see no reason to punish the rest of us often-idle socialites because some meanies have been potty mouths. This is, of course, assuming you even have the means to do that. : P

Aidan Post Reply
I really didn't know how to vote, but I feel the need to put in my two cents. Just because you shut off communication in safe room will not stop the trash talk that gets out of hand on the game. Players will find out of the way spots to do their dirty work. One thing that might be helpful for players that just log on and decide to trash talk is impose a level restriction before players are allowed to use certain channels. ie level 3 for chat or something like that. Not sure what to do about older players though.

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Koldarg Post Reply
Too many people can just sit in safe rooms, talk trash, then do nothing to back it up. If you have something to say, you better be able to defend it, not sit in a safe room and whine your butt off.

      Therlarn Post Reply
      Hmm, perhaps. I would say pk should be open as it can be turned off like you mentioned, but not sacrifice some of the great conversations that go on over spew. *snicker*

Ziu Post Reply
How about closing everything like you said except spew? That is what its meant for. If someone doesn't want to hear your trashtalk they can just turn it off, since it isn't a major channel. Or PK, maybe.

      Mungojerrie Post Reply
      i think you're missing the point.. it's to ban trashtalk in safe rooms. UD without trashtalking is no longer UD.

            Drey Post Reply
            And UD with trashtalk from safe rooms is a bunch of pansie asses.

                  samwise Post Reply
                  I think that all channels sould be allowed to be used in altars, except for trash talk. It would probably help a newbie out asking questions from altars after they die. if that was takin away they would be confused on what to do.