Should things like tribute gain or loss be logged for the warlords to read?

1 Yes 18
2 No 2
Votes cast: 20

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Drey Post Reply
Final result: May be added, Cabal coding taking my time for now. :p

Raikuma Post Reply
I think it would be kinda nice to see what you have contributed (gold wise) to the clan you're in. The only downside I could see is if someone was killing the clan from the inside.

Drey Post Reply
Right now, clan tribute levels are restricted info; warlord only, I think. I'm concerned that if I showed all of the info both of you mention, players could reason out the actual amounts. Of course, why revenue is hidden I'm not 100% certain. Warlord perk I guess.

      Bevis Post Reply
      I'm pretty sure Knights can see Revenue. Almost poitive.

Bevis Post Reply
Knights should be able to see the log as well.

Therlarn Post Reply
I think it would be cool. Players did tribute so it would be nice to know how much. Also, maybe not just warlords. How about each player can see how much they tributed, just like the bank system.