I've got a proposed change to clan guards. Here it is ...

Right now, clan guards get variable hitpoints based on tribute along with auras. A max hp clan guard has 7200 hps and craploads of spell affects.

The proposal is to make hps non-variable and instead, vary the number of clan guards according to your tribute. For instance (THIS IS NOT A PROMISE!) at 100 mill you might have 3 times the normal number of clan guards instead of having the usual 12. They would not be as buff as the current ones, however, so each would be more killable. However, there would be more of them. To help account for the "clan guard death == tribute loss", though, the more clan guards you have, the less each is worth to kill.

Please vote with the following options:

1 In Clan: Make Change 6
2 In Clan: Don't Care 1
3 In Clan: Do Not Do This 2
4 Not In Clan: Make Change 1
5 Not In Clan: Don't Care 2
6 Not In Clan: Do Not Do This 0
7 I have an opinion not here and will email Drey 0
Votes cast: 12

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Phil Post Reply
The way I see it, it has to be done... With clan eq being gone the only way to take down a clan's revenue, in a somewhat timely manor, is to kill the clan guards. So, being that as it is clan guards need to be lots eaiser.

      Drey Post Reply
      Actually, in that respect, I bumped up loss for saccing a badge to 1 million.

            Drey Post Reply
            Some of you are reacting in shock to this. Let me explain the reasoning.

This is, in fact, *5* times what it used to be. However, you can only have one badge.

Before, most clanners could have had up to 6 items; 2 rings, bracers, or necklaces; 1-2 weapons depending on having Dual; gloves or boots; a body item. That made for up to 1.2 million of loss right there, 1 million if you only have 1 weapon. It's possible you might have had less but I have to work in maximums.

Some folks have also been alarmed that the badge is, for the most part, weaker then other clan equipment. Well, duh. Why would I make a new slot, only filled with clan eq, and make the item as powerful as all your old clan eq? Now you can fill all those old clan slots with stuff as powerful or better then your clan eq *and* fill this new clan-only slot. I almost did it, but then some other Imms took me aside and slapped me until I became rational again.

Mistwalker Post Reply
Yeah, this will be a nice affect. Less hp for guards. Heh, still its nice to have a clanguard that stood a long battle with the Violator. 2 of them would have beat him though. This will make it easier for clan wars. I know some people don't want them. They did make the mud fun at the time we had them. Just as long as it isn't carried to far like was in the past at times. I totally want clanguard hp changed though. Heh, still mad about getting one to dying then having it heal full the next round. I should have had it.

      Kiera Post Reply
      *comforts Mistwalker* Its ok...you were close. But obviously not close enough :P

Kiera Post Reply
Well, I kinda like this idea. Not for the fact that Clan Wars would be a lot easier. I would allow non-clan players to have a chance at attacking a clan hold if they wanted that specific clan hold without having to be killed by the first guard. (The More Guard would slaughter them of course :P) But it would give them hope. *grins*