Some comments have been made that PK Rating doesn't matter and the players might be right. Maybe it's the sheer number of kills that you've gotten that really matters since that figure doesn't wildly inflate like PK Rating does. Therefore, I'm considering ripping it out completely. So the poll question is: remove PK Rating?

1 Yes, remove the damn thing 6
2 No, leave it! 1
3 Cowboy Neal rates all my PK 0
Votes cast: 7

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Drey Post Reply
Poll closed; PK Rating has been twinked and changed, rather then removed entirely (yet).

Bevis Post Reply
When you 'finger' someone, you should be able to see their pkills and pdeaths, instead of pk rating.

Koldarg Post Reply

      Koldarg Post Reply
      DOH messed up the first comment ;) Well i say wipe the pk rating because it doesn't prove much. One could be fighting 3 people at a time and keep getting killed every time and thier pk rating would drop and they would look bad, even if they are very talented. Maybe a player kill count and not a rating or win/lose counter just for yourself?

therlarn Post Reply
I'm not voting becuase I really don't care but I do wish to share my view on it. Some people seem to like the rating and others don't. I equate it to chess ratings (which i'm famaliar with). In both instances the ratings mean very little in terms of the players actual skill but nonetheless is still used to guage your oppenent in one way or another. Its just a number, so if you like it good...if not then ignore it. But don't take it out just becuase you don't use it; give some kind of reason for your decision.