We're thinking about wiping out ALL existing clan equipment -- at least the special properties of it. Clans would be allowed to keep their equipment but it would lose most magic properties and be both reforgeable and enchantable (if it's an armor or weapon).

A new item, a clan badge, would be created in it's place. This new badge would fill a new equipment slot that does not currently exist. No other item could be worn there. The badges would still have magical properties so that you are not losing all advantages of clan equipment.

See the options below.

1 I would be really pissed at you 2
2 I'd be sort of pissed but could cope 1
3 I don't really care 1
4 I'm kinda in favor of it 3
5 I really like this 3
6 You bastards! You left out a choice that fits me! 1
Votes cast: 11

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Drey Post Reply
Well, looks like the clan badge wins. 6 votes, mostly against, were removed from the poll. The 6 votes represented 3 people. You get warned not to multi-vote so you lose.

singko Post Reply
What does it mattter. Really. On so many levels this is true.

therlarn Post Reply
I'm not sure why the heck Singko decided to log two other alts and complain about the idea. Whats even more confusing is why only 2 votes are in the negative direction (unless you count the "no slot" one). Its not like you are going to lose everything you originally had. Its a small that so just take it, and deal with it (if it passes). Don't cry about losing your pimpin' char (becuase if you were really that good then this vote would only have to be about how willing you are to take change).

Koldarg Post Reply
well seeing as i don't use clan eq that much as Koldarg meh but my alts benefit from the eq very much...the badge is a nice idea but where will i go when i want to be cheap eh?

singko Post Reply
Its a good idea to make a new item. Although wiping all existing clan eq isnt. Keep the old, and add to it. Change it around to make it better, but please dont take away what has already been worked for.

      Drey Post Reply
      Ah, the old "let's just continue the proliferation" argument.

Caliban Post Reply
I like this idea, Who cares about covering multis, Just work with that you have and deal.

Besides, Drey has a point, whats the point of making an area with cool items and shit when they wont ever be used?

Drey Post Reply
I find it interesting so far that the votes are more in favor of the idea then the comments...

crow Post Reply
It is important to me that magic properties still exist because i have a legend alt that doesnt have a couple of the skills that he normally would if you took the magic properties away.

nickle Post Reply
I think if you deleted our clan eq, many would be angry. I think you should leave all the current eq. I have spent time getting my eq above par with enchant/reforge and would be angry if they were taken away. If you were to add a new piece i would be in favor. Our current "mults" and resistances shouldnt be taken away because clan eq is taken away. We should get to keep clan eq the way it is.

      Kiera Post Reply
      I find it funny that all of one person's alts have posted saying that its a bad idea to do this. Yet, Everyone else seems to be in favor of going with the badge idea.

Therlarn Post Reply
I like the idea personally. Although I don't wear clan eq myself, it is really good for those low level players. The badge would hopefully cover most all the mults on a clans current eq if not all so there shouldn't be too much of a lose. An idea for the badges though, perhaps if they have a clan name string or something to make them a symbol of clan membership.

Mistwalker Post Reply
Most people rely on the clan eq for weapons that can't be disarmed. Others use it for the extra mults and to fill spots they won't find any other eq better than what the clan has. I like clan eq because of its, hr/dr ac and mults to it. The clan eq has helped me alot when I was leveling and it also helped me overcome some mobs that gave me problems in the past. I would really like to see ahead of time what the badge may have to replace what clans may be losing. Having alot of clan eq is troublesome yes. I like things how they are but if you guys feel there needs to be a change well then whatever is best for the mud is needed.

      Drey Post Reply
      People rely too much on the clan eq though. Why bother making areas iwth new eq in it when we just know people are going to keep their clan eq?

The new badge would have mults and such on it, based on tribute, just like current clan eq. It would also balance all of the clans in that you all get the same item -- a badge representing your clan that has certain plusses on it based on tribute levels.

            Mistwalker Post Reply
            Cool, I am all for the idea then. Had to make sure. I really don't want to use clan eq and the only one I seem to use the most of my clan eq is the dagger. But when I fight certain battles if anyone notices I usually don't use my clan dagger. I am using the clan gloves right now because yes they are the best gloves I have seen out of all the glove eq. Even better than my old enchant/reforged leather gauntlets. I like the badge idea.