So we're all familiar with the Violator spew, "Is anyone here NOT one of Thri's Alts?" So the big question is, who actually DOES have the most alts?

1 Thri 9
2 Kordoch 3
3 Kheldar 0
4 Drey 0
5 Cowboy Neal 1
6 The Violator (remember the holiday ones...) 0
Votes cast: 13

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Drey Post Reply
After doing some counting, Thri doesn't have as many as he was claiming here, but he DOES appear to have the most alts.

Kordoch Post Reply
I don't even know how many alts i have or have had. I do have the most high level alts though i you on that Thri :P

Mistwalker Post Reply
If, Thri doesn't have the most alts I will be surprised. I got alot of them figured out name wise and from him telling people too. Still I doubt anyone is close to his amount or at least has half of the alts he has.
I think I got alot of alts at times but then I remember I am not even close to some.

Torami Post Reply
Hmm... I've got quite a few myself but have managed to escape the poll. ;)

Thri Post Reply
I do. I have 34 (alive) and counting.
Hell i have some STILL in Event Eye Eye, Ronin, and Souls of Mischief. So Pffffft on all of you.

Kiera Post Reply
Wow, I am surprised Bolmar isn't on this poll. He must have a lot of alts as well. Oh well, my two cents =)

      Drey Post Reply
      But he deletes them, remember? :p

            Kiera Post Reply
            Oh, I thought this might be a running total. :P