Kheldar and I are considering scheduling a "Cabal Chat" at UD to discuss where we are with Cabal and to answer your questions about it. If we held such a chat event here at UD, would you attend it?

( See news on front page for status of this chat )

1 Yes 11
2 No 0
Votes cast: 11

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Phil Post Reply
I'll be there with bells on.

Koldarg Post Reply
Oh yeah i would love to do it. Only 1 hitch if you do that then cabal coding time is diminished :P. either way cabal chat is a good idea

Therlarn Post Reply
If time permitts i'd be delighted to join ;)

Mistwalker Post Reply
I may have trouble but I would attend, I have been interested in Cabal and have been searching for another mud that will tweak my interests like Exile and Underworld Dreams once did.

Nicodemus Post Reply
Well if memory serves me correctly:

Cabal (game) + Cabal (Imms) + Cabal (chat) = SWEETNESS!

Serivik Post Reply
Naturally I said yes, but I wonder if I even had a choice in the matter.
Kheldar and you? I see how it is. Not even gonna mention poor little neglected Serivik. Always that last to be picked for teams, I see. =)

      Drey Post Reply
      You're not an active Cabal developer and not a very active UD imm even . . .

            Caliban Post Reply
            Active? Hes just active enough to be abusive and annoying :P