Should arena PKs not count towards PK Rating?

1 Yes, arena PK should not count 7
2 No, arena PK should count 9
Votes cast: 16

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Drey Post Reply
PKR in arena's will be left for now.

Yamu Post Reply
Pk is pk, either in the arena or out of it, they(Drey and Khel) will probably not code arena pkrates, and if they do they'd be pointless, then we'd be arguing about wiping those numbers along with pkrates. just leave the system alone, if you really want to know how a good a person is at pk go to the players section on the HP and see their pkills vs. their pdeaths, that's a much better indication on how well they kill anyway.

therlarn Post Reply
Pretty much the same as my previous post although I think that an AreaPK stat should be implemented.

Serivik Post Reply
Whoa. Drey, can you reword the poll? It looks really freaky, y'know. =)

Koldarg Post Reply
well i like thri's idea too. If you a lvl 45 beats a lvl 55 they should get recgonition. either regular pkrating or arena pkrating...

Kordoch Post Reply
I agree with Thri, we should have some sort of arena counter. Afterall a good number of fighting is done in the arena from what i understand.

Thri Post Reply
I say yes, but then agian i have another idea as probably stated in a note a few weeks ago, but here it goes agian.

A seprate PK rating for arena kills. Arena fighting is much different than Normal PK. In general, Arena fights you KNOW your being attacked and can be ready (i mean that is the ultimate test ok PK, how well you can defend yourself when suprised ;) This would also require Seprate Kills/Deaths for arena fights as well.

Another idea would to prevent Kill theft, but would be a pain to code, would allow for fractional kills, meaning you get kills by total damage done to the player *meaning its damage based, not raw kill based*
lemme explain cause that might not be clear.
Ok your Scarecrow, who has 1000 hps. (for easy math)
You do 900 damage to him, and flees like the wuss he is.
Instead of losing that kill, youd get .9 of a kill.

On second thought, might not be a great idea.. ok im rambling..

So Yes to Seprate ratings/kills/deaths for arena.