In light of the crazy PK Ratings that came out of kill thefts in the arena, should all ratings be wiped?

1 Yes 12
2 No 11
Votes cast: 23

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Drey Post Reply
Well, the poll came out too even so we're going to leave then for now. I might do an unannounced adjustment, however, where I multiply everyone's delta from 1500 by 0.1 or something to bring all the numbers back between 1000 and 2000.

Yamu Post Reply
Let them stand, the players who are in the top ten now will just be back on top, it doesn't really matter, i've been on there and eventually i'll get back on a pkwipe would help me, for about 5 seconds then it would still be the same ole people. my pkrate in the 6K range, and i did it the old fashioned way killing people. Don't whine if you can't pk, get better, or kill roxanne a few times, your pkrate will jump.

Clerica Post Reply
And have to LOG ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Phil Post Reply
You know... The imms could just reset the pkrating of the people who are on the top ten than those people could show they're true skill and get back on top.

Kordoch Post Reply
oh yeah, i think was the first past 6k too. not sure.

Kordoch Post Reply
Bullshit, my characters were the first to break 3k,4k, and 5k. I think PKT should be wiped because it was totally raped. I've had characters on the top 10 almost since this shit was started. at points i've even had 3 on it. so, speaking as someone who has had 30% of the top 10 i say wipe it and anyone who's actually any good at pk will be right back up there. anyone who votes it down is doing it simply because they are there by luck. If you had any skill you would not worry about it being wiped because you'd just be back on top again. now i'm a little drunk right now but i'm not going to start listing the numbers of characters i've had on this list since most people them already. most of you who are reading this have probably been killed a shitload by me too. For all the real pkers the only good list to be checking is the player killer list anyway, not the PKT list. so stop being wusses and just deal with a damn wipe.

      Phil Post Reply
      If you have any skill you would not worry about there not being a wipe.
I'm sorry if it hurts your ego to see someone else on top of the list but that's just how things work.
Are you just going to cry every time someone else gets a huge pkrating boost that it's cheep and there needs to be a reset? Just leave it how it is.

roxanne Post Reply
And, I do have a record of having astounding pk rates, Ajora was the first to break 3k, and I think 4k, that was fighting people my level.

Roxanne Post Reply
has anyone else realized how many stupid people there are here? I say don't wipe pkrates, and not because I am on top. PK rates are accurate to the idea that I pretty much have to have an fresh idea or two since I got my rate by killing people 15-20 levels higher than me. Trust me, if I hadn't have had a plan and a good understanding of the pk system it would've have happened. the current pk rates show not only the matured chars with extensive history of pk but also the people with gall enough to use a low level char in ways Rhyoko hasn't thought of. and no, Rhyoko, thinkig is not cheating.

Rhyoko Post Reply
I have to agree with Therlarn on this one. We all know who the players are that are truthfull to their pk. I am and i only have about 3-4000 for a pk rating. Then there are those who DO cheat and ruin the whole pk thing for the rest of us. Is there any way to just swipe the players pk ratings clean, who in part have been dishonost with the whole rating system? Please do not swipe everyone's ratings. Thank you.

therlarn Post Reply
I'm indifferent. Seems to me that ratings on the whole aren't very accurate (not just UD's btw). If they stay the same then they are off. If the imms change them then they will be off again. We all know who the better players are no matter what the ratings show. Just my thoughts.

Koldarg Post Reply
no no no... i am second on the list. you dare snatch a childs dream :P but serioulsy it's your fault for not getting in to all the pk...;)

Thri Post Reply
Yes, yes yes. See my Note for more ;)