Could the arena use some traps?

1 Yes 11
2 No 2
Votes cast: 13

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Jeff Post Reply
I wouldn't mind seeing some traps in the arena. Just make sure that they're scanable and stuff. It would add an element of cornering, or getting pain for trying to escape.

Giala Post Reply
I don't think the arena really needs traps.

Phil Post Reply
If you are going to add traps I think that you should make it bigger than... Butif traps don't go in than it doesn't need to be changed.

Mistwalker Post Reply
Maybe a way to combat people spamming a trap is to have it randomly hit an area. So no matter how many times a person does the same trap they will never know where it hits. It would be especially evil if the person spammed the trap and it sprung on him inside the same room killing them and ending there fun for the time until they can go and kill again.
Some Trap ideas maybe a flaming arrow or fireball that will shoot threw a certain number of rooms before exploding. Anything hit in these rooms takes damage from the arrow and the fire. Gas that erupts from the floor and travels around to different rooms for a short time choking players and rendering them unconscious or poisoned. Even unleashing mobs within the terrain that would be difficult to kill without the players banding together to rid it from spoiling there fun pking. Yes, again probably lots of coding but these are just ideas you don't have to use them

Mistwalker Post Reply
Traps are good and add to the arena scene. As long as they don't just hinder or hurt only one type of character. All to much I see muds that have traps that will hinder players, freeze, or even kill them but let others get by without even a glance or realization that a trap was there. The player controlled traps I think would be evil and especially nice for arenas as long as somebody isn't allowed to camp inside and spam it catching everyone trying to get to that person. Maybe making it so you have to hit a combination of buttons, pulleys and sconches or whatever spread throughout the arena to spring a trap on unlucky players. I can see a problem with this because of coding but as with my other comment when there are alot of players the traps will either be used or not and they don't have to be in every arena just a select few so nobody gets bored of hitting the same trap over and over. We wouldn't want people to stop fighting in the arenas that were so kindly built for us.

Therlarn Post Reply
This is kinda against what I posted on the previous poll but I think this could make things interesting. Maybe like Thri said and have one with traps and the other without. I think most would go to the one without so if make one you can force people to have "fun" :). Or the imms could flip a coin to decide whether today it has traps or not. That could be really....interesting...

      Drey Post Reply
      If I use the existing area format, Kheldar has put in switches and triggers which when used, reset when the area resets. Therefore, it's easy to add triggers which always do the same thing but are not always available (once used, must wait).

Thri Post Reply
As i said in the other poll, multiple themed areas, maybe a Trapped arena, maybe a skill for thief classes to disarm traps and set them as well.. hmm thats out of the scope of this poll tho ;)

Traps would be intersting, pulse traps that would randomly teleport you out of battle, fire traps, etc etc

      Drey Post Reply
      I was actually leaning towards traps YOU could try to initiate on other people -- chains that when pulled set off an explosion somewhere, etc. It's interesting to hear what other trap ideas people have. I'm aiming for small things I can do in the area file format, though, and not extra coding.