Is the arena large enough?

1 Yes 8
2 No 4
Votes cast: 12

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Giala Post Reply
bah... I always get lost as it is.

Mistwalker Post Reply
Bigger arenas are a good idea. If you wish refer to another mud I play. One arena is the basic it is good sized and can let you hunt the person if you wish. There are a few safe rooms but they are only safe if you aren't of that alignment. Since this mud does not deal with Alignments then the safe rooms can be like a small area that will regen you just a bit faster than normal but you will not be safe from attacks.
If there was more arenas that varied in what they consisted of like a fire pit where you take some sort of damage if you walk into certain areas. So if you want you can fight within these are but you will not go unscathed you will be damage by the terrain. Yes, this will require coding and take time but with more players you will see these arenas being tops for those hardcore pkrs that need the bloodbath these arenas can provide.

Therlarn Post Reply
I said yes but let me state something first. I have only been the arena long enough to say i've been there. Voted yes becuase people go there to PK not hunt. It is meant to be rapid multi killing with lots of blood. If it grows I will get tired before I find an opponent :P

thri Post Reply
I say No, only because the Lay out is too predictable.
Currently every fight ive been in there has been in the center of the arena. So, maybe make you have to enter the arena through a randomize portal, which will set you somewhere within the arena and you have to hunt each other... but that could also be boring and wed all goto the center and wait ;)

Maybe have multipal arenas, Themed, like a Crypt, Violator's pit (where he spectates and cheers ;) a Forest, etc,

      Drey Post Reply
      It's worth noting that while you can enter the arena from the north by walking in, there are 3 portals there that take you to the other 3 edges of the arena. A randomized portal might be an idea though.