So ... I'm feeling like coding a few new skills, maybe enough to add 5 new levels and 1-2 new skills to each class.

1 We'll take it 20
2 Shrug 2
3 No thanks 0
Votes cast: 22

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Ajora Post Reply
Um, am I the only one who makes it a habbit to check the web page? and if so, have I alone noticed that this poll has been up for ages, decades, mellinia? What of 5 new levels, the players made thier opinions known, we want them.

I know that today, near the end of July, it is old new, but I was suddenly struck with the urge, nay, the need to make my voice if anyone will read this.

Drey Post Reply
Just an update on where I am at with this.

I have one new skill, Summon Hero, coded and assigned to Warriors and Paladins. I have a few ideas for the other classes. Once I have them all, the next 5 levels will become available.