This is a "could have been" poll. "Could have been", because Kheldar and I felt stymied at every turn by the players.

We wanted UD to outgrow it's total PK nature, take on some role-playing elements, develop in-game story lines to involve people and give them more to do then "kill mob, get stuff, kill mob, get stuff, PK someone, get stuff". If we'd actually started doing that to UD, what would have been your reaction?

1 I would have left immediately 1
2 I might have stuck around 0
3 I would have had to see it then decide 13
4 It would have interested me more 1
5 I would have welcomed it 10
Votes cast: 25

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Therlarn Post Reply
UD is a place that can no longer grow due to the incessant bitching and whining that many of you like (some is good but add something solid back to conversation). I personally think this pole is counter-productive to advancing forward. UD is a place that should constantly be changing to keep players and imms on their toes. There is a lot to be said here but this is something to start with. I'm sure plenty will flame back and will *hopefully* give me more direction than it gave Drey and Kheldar on where to go with their new (now "old") implementations. This is just my opinions and I am still new to UD so take them how you will.

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Therlarn, see

Phil Post Reply
We want gocial... If a Legend can give another a wedgiee from across the known world that would be fun as hell!!!

Torami Post Reply
I would love to see RP elements added to the game!! It could only make Underworld Dreams even better than it already is! :)

Phil Post Reply
You guys should consider adding in a quest system... It's something to do to take away from the grulling Legend Sysndrom that so many of us have...

I blame unsafe sex for the rapid spread!

      Kheldar Post Reply
      I assume that you don't mean something like the crappy "autoquester" that most ROM muds have?

      Drey Post Reply
      A quest system without rewards for these quests would be pointless. What could possibly interest a Legend who has done it all?

            Phil Post Reply
            Well... I know that if there was a way that I could get all of my items restrung to personalize my eq I would do a bunch of quest to get it done, or maybe trading quest points for large amounts of gold (to put towards an existing clan or start a new one)... And not to leave out the little man, You could have eq that can be obtained from quest points that could help with gaining levels or filling stats that are empty... There are lots of things that a quest system could do:P

Tam Post Reply
I would like the option of being able to do stuff other then pk and gold run, but i love pking too. I think adding more is fine just as long as it does not take away from the pk either.

      Clerica Post Reply
      I'll second that. But remember that the current system that everyone likes to shit on is the same one that attracted and retained players such as myself who can date their time here, pathetically, for over 5 years. It is a system that has attracted a small, though I would say fairly dedicated following. A quest system can do the same thing and, in conjunction with the PK system, a diverse and devilishly hectic MUD could emerge from the current incarnation of indecision.

            Kheldar Post Reply
            Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...hectic pk plus a quest system? Where have I heard of that before...? Oh yeah, it's called Godwars. UD has a lot of rivals for that particular niche now, so I don't think there's much to be gained by catering to that sort of playerbase. Also, "small but dedicated," as we've seen in the past month of monotonic decreasing connection stats, can turn very quickly into "very small and only dedicated in that a few core players log on every day, hit 'who', and then log back out again." *shrug* Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery, feel free to ignore me :)