I just made you say "under where"...

1 Boxers 8
2 Briefs 4
3 Au naturale, baby! 4
4 High cut thigh 0
5 Bikinis 2
6 Thong 1
Votes cast: 19

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Gibby Post Reply
I pitty the fool who don't let'm hang!!!

Keltria Post Reply
Which option would g-strings fall under?
Honestly if it's going to end up in your ass it might as well start there!

Phil Post Reply
Free-balling... Ain't nothn' better!!!

Drey Post Reply
Just remember, changing your vote is as easy as re-voting.

      Mungojerrie Post Reply
      i wear.. yo momma!

luca Post Reply
thong thong thong thong thong, to quote usher.

      Phil Post Reply
      It wasn't Usher... It was Sisqo du'h

      Kheldar Post Reply
      I'm sorry, we don't take input from people who can't capitalize their own names :)

      Drey Post Reply
      It's seems a popular (but frightening) choice so it's been added.

Jenie Post Reply
Geez.. talk about your male oriented, testosterone loaded, sexist pole! Where are the choices for the females, Baby??
Boxers or Briefs??? *gag*
How about high cut thigh or bikinis?

      Drey Post Reply
      Well, I never said who was wearing them (Henry Kissinger?) but I've added your suggested choices (J. Edgar Hoover?).

      Kheldar Post Reply

            Clerica Post Reply
            I have pictures.

                  Kheldar Post Reply
                  Of me? Shit, I didn't know those leaked out...

                        Phil Post Reply
                        Kheldar doesn't wear anything... He has those huge rolls of fat to cover everything (as if they need to be that big to cover) so anything besides free-balling and he's lying!!!

                  Bolmar Post Reply
                  What about boxer briefs??? You know trunk briefs. i mean come on! what is this world coming to?!?!? oh geez don't get me started!!!

                        Kheldar Post Reply