Very simple idea; offer new penalties for non-PK death! You'd be able to pick from the following, through the CONFIG command, so you could choose which form of punishment for dying you prefer:
1) Lose XP (current method)
2) Lose no XP but lose all EQ (new method)

Lose == Lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine

Not adding the new option. Although, honestly, most of you didn't seem to understand that it was a new option that you could CHOOSE to have happen to you when dead.

1 I hate changes! You've ruined this game for me! 6
2 Sure, whatever, make the change. 7
Votes cast: 13

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Raikuma Post Reply
losing eq would mean starting over for some characters. Losing exp makes that person have to work harder to level up, while losing eq makes them weak and an easy target for people who kill constantly. Keep the old way

      Drey Post Reply
      Your comment here sounds a lot like you didn't read the entire poll.

It's an option. You get to CHOOSE *1* of the methods, if we decide to implement it. Your choice. Change it after each death, we don't care.

            raikuma Post Reply

Clerica Post Reply
I do not like the idea of losing equipment over experience for several reasons.

There is very little logic behind the idea of automatically losing all of your equipment to a mob when you can return to that mob (while it is still bleeding) and finish the job. A sparrow killing a level two player would automatically vaporize equipment? Where does the equipment go? On the other hand, if you lose experience, it is a result of being either out-matched, which constitutes a misjudgement on the part of the player, or the result of bad luck -- which happens to us all. In either case, there is no logic behind the idea of automatically losing one's equipment through trying to gain exprience on the MUD.

Already players complain about the time it takes to level, but most accept the time it takes to level. A change such as this would only aggravate popular sentiment to popular outrage. Death happens on Underworld Dreams. A lot. Zewolf, for instance, would have gone through 114 sets of equipment at this point in his career. Thri would have gone through 84 sets, I would have gone through 44 sets, etc. Players, both old and new, would rather jump back into the action of the game instead of going through what will become a mundane process of reequipping oneself.

I also question how this will benefit the staff in it's continual quest for new players. As a new person to this MUD, I would expect it to carry some of the basic properties of other MUDs I have played -- at the very least, I would expect a system of gaining experience and losing experience. A new player has no idea how to quickly reequip him or herself, and frankly, why would they want to? Newbies, already overwhelmed with learning their way around, finding where to level, where to get equipment, and establishing themselves on the MUD, would now find even more risk in the sheer act of leaving town.

I venture to guess that this suggested change is intended to address a current problem. This problem has not been articulated to the playerbase, and I don't think I am alone when I say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Unfortunately, I can only provide negative feedback since I am not sure what the staff's goal is in regards to this matter. Given the information at hand, this proposed change would make the game incredibly annoying to players who find themselves more occupied with careers and school than finding a set of equipment several times a week.

Perhaps the reason why UD is unable to attract new players is that we only seem to address problems that have arisen within our little closed system. This is perhaps the smallest playerbase in UD history. The focus of the staff, as well as the players, should be the improvment of overall gameplay -- not seeking to solve localized problems in a tiny community.

      Drey Post Reply
      Reply Part 3

Regarding our small community and only asking people at UD; well, what else are we supposed to do? If we were to solicit just anyone on the Internet, the feedback we'd get would be total and complete crap or too broad ranging to be useful.

And frankly, the stuff we wanted to do (and have tried to do in some cases) to make the game more appealing to a wider range of players has just caused severe negative whine backlashes against us for having dared to do it.

      Drey Post Reply
      Part two of my reply; some people feel much mroe comfortable reequipping themselves and really hate how much XP they lose, sometimes to what Kheldar and I have nicknamed Flaming Naked Barbarian Ninja Rage (when a seemingly low powered mob suddenly kills you in 2 blows).

This would be a new option; you could choose WHICH penalty you preferred. This is not an either-or situation. Losing XP would be the default but you could choose to lose EQ instead.

Anyhow, this system change is sounding unpopular. I'll leave the poll up until Friday afternoon.

      Drey Post Reply
      Of course, there's so much logic and reason behind dying and automatically being alive again . . .

Thri Post Reply
Hmm Perm loss of EQ... Would be good, execpt if you lose your eq, you might as well just start over. Unless you have a High level friend (whom doesnt mind eq running for you several times a day) its death for the charater. (Not only do you lose non-replaceable Starting area eq, but alot of hard to get, items (brooch, belt, to name 2).

Its a Pain as it is to level, without making it impossible :P

Course.. you COULD add a few new Shops in town, with Higher level eq, maybe some 25+ eq with a few Multis, good hit/dam so as to not make loss of eq so terrible, course this adds a gold problem (which we have very little of now :P) Maybe if shopkeepers also Bought more eq for higher prices? Hmm ;)

Hmm im rambling agian..

Summary: Change = Need easier eq to get ahold of.
No-change = No changes, duh :P

-Thri (Left his brain in San Fransico)

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Last I checked, Thri, you could buy starting area equipment in town. Also, last I checked, getting EQ is not that difficult (enchanting and reforging is another matter). And gold is still rough even with the new mortician change?

luca Post Reply
many people play so as the eq makes the char...if you lost eq in death, or at least pk death we would weed out the strong from the weak very quickly.