Well, this is the first serious poll. I've had an idea for a way to enforce the multikill rule. The idea is to record the last time any person is killed by PK. Any further attempts to kill that person have to wait for the time period to expire. This would be the victim, NOT the attacker -- if A comes over and attacks B, but B wins, A is the one who can't be PKed until some expires. If they go over and attack someone though, that opens them up to attack again. Check out the options below and give me an idea what the folks playing think.

1 Bad idea 1
2 1 minute 0
3 2 minutes 4
4 5 minutes 6
5 10 minutes 5
6 15 minutes 1
7 30 minutes 1
8 60 minutes 0
9 Other -- a NOTE to Drey is in order 1
Votes cast: 19

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