We have no new areas.
We have no new kits.
We DO have 50 new levels.
You want them?

We are not adding the new levels.

1 Yes 11
2 No 10
Votes cast: 21

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Torami Post Reply
I voted no, because without new kits & areas, it just won't be as much fun. I'd still work on leveling as high as I could without them, though it may take longer for me to be motivated to do so. ;)

Jenie Post Reply
I'm new to the world of PK muds so pardon my ignorance and don't bother to flame me if you don't agree with my opinions. Calmly stated disagreements will be accorded the cordialty the deserve.
My opinion?
Geez, guys.. do you think all the newbies log on and start lusting after being the top level? I have been running on UD for a couple or three months now and I can tell you I have not checked ONCE to even see how many levels there are. What *DO* I do?? I log on, I thank the powers that be that my EQ survived me logging off without requiring the rental of a locker or a room, and then I heft my niftiest weapon and go find something to kill!
I don't worry about levels, I don't think about levels and usually I fail to notice that I have leveled and am surprised when someone congratulates me on it.
Let the mud be what the mud should be!
Let the carnage continue!!!

sign me
Sweet Little Adorable *non-violent* Jenie

Tam Post Reply
I agree with Thri's comments. What's the point of gaining levels that don't give you anything except more work to do in the same areas that we've already spent 50 levels going through.

Thri Post Reply
I voted No, and this is why. currently, we don't have areas, eq, skills to go with the new levels. I personaly don't feel the need for 50 new levels, when all it will do is further alienate new players. (Unless of course xp was put back to the way it was before the removal of dual classes, then we could manage.. but then still.. theres nothing new at those levels, execpt for hps.