We were getting bombarded with requests from the Violator -- "Why the *^@^( don't you let me talk for myself, why the *@&^&_# do you keep having to put words in my mouth?" We finally decided it would be easier if we just let him say what was on his mind rather then keep getting whines from him about it. And that brings us to the point of this poll -- what do YOU think?

1 Hey, he's no worse then Howard Stern 9
2 Shut his piehole already! 8
Votes cast: 17

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Phil Post Reply
The Violator touched my ass... I'm filing a sexual harrasment suit. I'll see that stinky bitch in court!

helios Post Reply
I think he should talk trash when he kills someone.

Kiria Post Reply
Of course you must let him speak! He's my man and I love him!! You must never silence that dear, sexy, sweet....uh, yeah.

Drey Post Reply
If you think this is bad, just wait until we add Karaoke Hour at the Inn!

      Raikuma Post Reply
      What? so the world truly is coming to an end...

      mungojerrie Post Reply
      I voted to shut him up only because he speaks too much. it's cool and all, but it'd be better if he didn't speak as often.

            Drey Post Reply
            Who says we don't listen? He's been quieted down quite a bit.

            Clerica Post Reply
            aye aye