It seems to me that these skills are redundant with force, and don't really add any new dimension to the game other than rabid min/maxing. What do you all think? Should we remove critical strike and stunning blow, and perhaps put in some new and more interesting statistics?

1 Yes, remove them and add new stuff. 15
2 Yes, just remove them. 0
3 No, do not remove them, but do add new stuff. 3
4 Just leave everything how it is. 0
5 Cowboy Neal. 0
Votes cast: 18

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Mungojerrie Post Reply
crit & stun were cool, but gave melee combat a HUGE edge of spells. it's why no-one could play single classes Mages, Clerics, or Alchemists. every dual-classed and in fights would use pummel or circle, with spells as being secondary (auras, enchantments, etc). crit & stun should be toned down more and/or also be applied to all forms of damage.

tessir Post Reply
I think Crit and stunning blow should be a normal random thing to all melee class people, and maybe give mage/cleric class stunning blow on spells and whatnot, being able to modify it is just another thing enchanter go mad over trying to get 100% stun, i mean having new stuff in the game might actually be better than having a silly modifier like crit with the new changes in the force and stuff