Should I do a new poll soon?

1 Yes 8
2 No 0
3 Isn't this a poll? 1
Votes cast: 9

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Roland (2015-03-13 17:02:53) Post Reply

Roland (2012-12-20 16:56:58) Post Reply
Your mom dances around a poll

Gotrek (2011-03-30 18:31:03) Post Reply
I'm in favor of all options for Dramikar's poll.

Silver (2010-11-05 00:21:52) Post Reply
I Poll about updating the Drow City. I really needs more then 5 people running around at a time and only having two items to them.

Zoustkel (2009-09-02 15:54:51) Post Reply
I say make new areas for Legends to run around in with more legend based gear. Provide more endgame content, other then PVP.

Dramikar (2008-10-01 23:37:35) Post Reply

1) Delete idea log and start over
2) Delete player base and start over
3) Delete clan system and start over
4) Delete Raize so he can start over
5) Delete the delete command and ... start over?