I'm considering removing the built-in pager which has been responsible for countless crashes when people view too full clan pits of enchanted gear. The barrier to this is Windows telnet; it doesn't have much or any scroll buffer and if it does, it's difficult to access. I'm not really sure this is an issue, however, as I suspect most if not all people who play MUDs have some kind of client.

1 Remove it and make the MUD more stable 2
2 I need in-game scrolling to stay 0
Votes cast: 2

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Drey (2008-09-19 16:29:51) Post Reply
So much feedback, I'm overwhelmed!

Final result: removing the in-game scroller at the first opportunity. People using Microsoft's command line telnet will have to learn how to adjust the scroll properties of a window, can get a real client, or can use the new Java client I've added to the site.

Dramikar (2008-08-12 16:43:23) Post Reply
Like any other game or BBS, if you want to actually enjoy your efforts, get a dedicated client. If you're using telnet, you probably don't even know you're missing scroll.