The type of items I am referring to are potions, scrolls, wands, staves, amulets, and pastilles. Most classes can use all or nearly all of these. Potions, for instance, required no special skill. I am considering lifting the skill requirement for all items and then either giving certain classes a new item that only their class can use, or some special proficiency with a class of items.

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Drey (2008-08-19 16:13:18) Post Reply
Final Result:

The AMULETS, SCROLLS, STAVES, and WANDS skills have been removed from Dev. Version 1.1.2 of UD will no longer require those skills to use these items. Of particular note is that around half of the classes had access to all 4 and a majority could use at least 2.

Dramikar (2008-08-11 18:12:22) Post Reply
I went with 4 because it included item number 2 and was more popular. I like most all the points mentioned in the comments by Drey, but I'll respond to each indivudually and add some personal opinions.

1) I thought separating wands and staves by classes (mages can use staves and, perhaps, wands while warlocks, APs, and pallies can use wands). So, leaving the skills in, but restricting class use.

2) I'm generally in favor of fewer slots not to mention the unique factors and general tweaking potential (in code and by players). Instead of a skill, how about making them proc items instead of evoke? Removes a command, adds randomness, and ... something.

3) Ideally, I'd like mages to be able to recharge like many other games. However, items being fairly easy to obtain in UD right now would make this ability insignificant. So, I'd have to go with a unique item. Perhaps this could be tied in with (1).

4) No additional comments.

5) For the most part, I like fewer commands. Any complexity or immersive arguments should find another alternative and not use additional commands. The issue with similar items is a pain everywhere else. Players should act carefully (not discharging the wrong item) or restring their items (insert argument for reducing restring costs).

6) This topic seems like it may need more focus since it's rather broad. Some ideas I had while reading it were: a) unique items easily identifiable by players and would work nicely with a future account system b) implement past discussions about changing the identify skill.

Part (a) is fairly basic and paves the way for future development. Keywords add some custom flare and makes stolen items difficult to work with (no, we don't have steal, but it might come back and some items are found on the ground -- ie. disarm). Also, if any keyword modifications are made, it could also be tagged with the player's name. This could be used to make unique items across our non-existant account system.

Part (b) concerns itself with identify being fairly useless since everyone can use it via scrolls and the new inventory changes. Perhaps bring it back as an inherent skill (no training) to see more details such as keywords and maybe the exact description text with escaped colors. Do we still have lore and what can be done with it? Show additional info such as flags (reforge, enchant, leech, etc.)?

Drey (2008-08-11 16:27:32) Post Reply
There's been a request for more information, so here's how I am thinking.

For starters, I am thinking of simplifying somewhat. Wands and staves, if I dump the skill to use them, become basically the same thing; hold the item, invoke it's power. I can't even remember if you even have to hold them right now.

I am also leaning towards removing one of the amulet slots, so you can wear one and not two. This makes the command to use them easier and requires you to make a harder decision about what amulet to wear.

The rest of it would mostly affect mages, as they're really the magic-wielding class. I would either add some abilities that enhance the existing items for them (least likely); give them an ability to recharge or create existing items (somewhat likely); or create a new class of item that only they can use (most likely).

Items which would definitely not be affected by any changes are potions and pastilles, which already can be used by any class.

Another change in mind is to remove all of the extra commands (quaff, recite, brandish, zap, evoke, etc) in favor of the command that makes the most sense; 'drink' for potions, 'light' for pastilles, and 'use' for all other items. The only real problem with that is if you have more than one item with identical keywords, it might use the wrong one but you already run that risk with the other commands.

Ideally I think I'd like to let you set your own keywords on items as well (not as restrings) and be able to see what keywords are, so you can tell what will be used. I'm not sure how I'd do the former but the latter is easy -- providing I can find a way to add it to 'inventory' without requiring a 2000 character line length for players. :p

      nickle (2008-08-12 04:33:10) Post Reply
      I think the commands are fine for each item. I would agree on lifting class restrictions. Proficiency would be a good addition. Perhaps depending on your skill level you can unlock more, or less charges on an item. Like a "concentrate mana" on item skill. or something like that.