These are the results of the area poll I conducted in which players were asked to provide a list of the best areas, according to them, that UD had to offer. They were to rank them from most best to least best. Only 20 people responded and several respondents did not provide the full 5 requested results.

BuilderArea NameWeight TotalTotal Votes
AnonDrow City0.00
AnonHigh Tower of Sorcery0.00
BooyakDarklin Forest0.00
ChrisThe Keep of Mahn-Tor0.00
CopperChapel Catacombs0.00
DikuHaon Dor0.00
DreyThe Amethyst Spire0.00
FirichRuins of Rinolk0.00
FirichThe Kyri Jungle0.00
ForstalThe Plane of Nirvana0.00
GenericOld Marsh0.00
HatchetNew Ofcol0.00
KahnOld Thalos0.00
KheldarThieve's Hideout0.00
LCThe Old Graveyard0.00
MingThe Holy Grove0.00
MortCastle Reinhold0.00
SandmanDragon Cult0.00
SerivikAbandoned Graveyard0.00
SerivikFungus Cavern0.00
SerivikLightheart Keep0.00
WenchDragon Tower0.00
DreyValley of the Spire0.51
KheldarForest of Karan Darath1.01
KheldarThe Chocobo Forest1.01
KheldarThe Evergreen Forest1.01
RaffElemental Canyon1.01
DreyPumpkin Patch2.01
KheldarThe Misty Fens2.01
KheldarThe Witch of Karandras2.01
BoomShaolin Temple3.01
KheldarSnake Fortress3.01
FirichFrozen Plains3.02
DreyThe Old Caves4.01
TyrstWyvern's Tower4.01
LCThe Gothic Cathedral5.02
VajraFire Giants' Caves6.03
DreyTemple Vaults7.02
QuessMythic Mists7.03
BelaThe Dark Tower8.04
DreySinister Gardens10.02
QuessMythic Island10.56
DreyViolator's Pit11.03
BelaThe Devils Pit11.04
KheldarBorderlands of Zalandria11.04
QuessThe D'Arcy Estate11.55
DreyForest Bandit Lair13.04
KheldarThe Northern Wastes15.04
DreySewers of Karandras15.57
QuessMythic Celts17.56
QuessMythic Sidhe29.011
BelaCity of Barasttr43.011